MICA Korea



I went to Seoul, Korea last summer with 14 other students for 4 weeks as part of the MICA Korea summer study abroad program. We created artwork and installed a major exhibit at Gallery Ssamzie in Seoul, and then transported it back to Baltimore for a second installation at MICA in the Brown Center. The exhibition, called White: W3=White Day, Weddings, Women, explored the color white through the context of contemporary Korean society. Each student created an individual piece and worked on two large collaborative projects around this theme.

One of the collaborative works consisted of 3 monumental, diamond-shaped structures made of wood and fluorescent lights. The immense size and classic diamond shape of these objects reflected the absurd fantasy and extravagance of Korean “white wedding” ceremonies.

For my individual work, I built an exaggerated, overly ornamental chandelier by attaching large, steel wire circles and beads to a ready-made, smaller chandelier. The chandelier became three times its original size, taking something already decorated and functional and pushing it to a ridiculous level. I wanted to illustrate the superficiality and fantasy-driven industry of contemporary Korean culture. Ironically, it was the most popular piece to be photographed next to.

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